Monday, October 8, 2012


1. Intro
2. Hustler Philosophys Feat. CO-T
3. Rollin Feat. Suga Free, CO-T
4. Interlude
5. Can't Smoke Feat. Suga Free, CO-T
6. Told Cha Feat. Lavish
7. Fontochi (Interlude) Feat. Bugzy
8. Like That! Feat. The C.E.O., CO-T
9. Suga Free Interlude
10. Gamble of Life Feat. C. Jade
11. Interlude
12. Badazz (Freestyle) Feat. CO-T
13. Tattoos and Alcohol (Remix) Feat. Weeto, Frost
14. Game Plan , (Prod. by CO-T)
15. Old Soul (Prod. CO-T)
16. Dirt Nasty (Interlude)
17. Im The Shit, Feat. POC-DAWON (Prod. BY ELSHERIFFO)
18. V.I.P. Feat. T.J.
19. Babada Feat. Iriz, Blaze, Weeto, Oowee
20. Tell Um Feat. The C.E.O
21. Interlude
22. Hot Boxing Feat. Techniec (Prod. by Q.P.)
23. Interlude
24. Sk8teboards Lowriders Feat. Slip- Capone
25. Interlude
26. Outro Feat. Moreno (Prod. by Yenom)
27. Abner Mares (Interlude)
28. Fight Night

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